Support Our Lutheran Schools Through a Donation

Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC/PKTC)

Good news for Pennsylvania corporations and the Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools! Businesses in the Commonwealth of PA that are subject to corporate net income tax, capital stock franchise tax, bank and trust company shares tax, title insurance companies shares tax, insurance premiums tax, or mutual thrift institutions tax may receive a significant tax credit by making a contribution to the Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools Scholarship Program. PALS is registered with EITC and PKTC, including act 4 and act 48. For more information, contact Gail Holzer at (412) 793-5884.


PALS Education Fund

Providing resources to strengthen and support the mission of Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools in order to:

* Promote our schools in Western PA by advertising in print and
   on WORD FM

* Tuition assistance to qualified families at all of our school locations

* Provide quality educational programs and in-service training

* Expand existing school sites and funding new school endeavors

Giving the perfect gift is easy!

Please make checks payable to: Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools Education Fund

Mail to:
Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools
1261 Pennsylvania Avenue
Oakmont, Pennsylvania 15139

Yes! I want to be a partner of PALS by:
* Praying for the children and staff of our schools.
* Volunteering my time and talents for the ongoing work of PALS.
  Please contact me.
* Enclosing a monetary gift for the ongoing work of PALS.

Please make sure to include your name, address, and phone number!